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  A number of reviews of my current book selections will be added to this page on my website in the near future.

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Book Review
World Class Truth is a first-class book among books particularly suited to young people -- both Christian and non-Christian.

  Forming a most suitable combination of thrilling sports and adventure with exciting Bible principles and challenges, it makes the most profitable reading for Christians of all ages. ... the reading of this book [is] a breathtaking experience, with thrills upon thrills. It reads like a novel... but it is real life !

  Upon these experiences are build proactical moral and spiritual lessons, providing the most effective motivation for life-changing decisions of commitment to the Lord ... for victorious Christian living.

   Every young person... needs this book -- exciting in content, convincing and convicting in application. Without reservation, We recommend it

This is a book I wish every pastor in America would read today!   Clouds Without Rain is a wakeup call to the sleeping church a clarion call for the opportunity to tap into the greatest power in the universe and to put a halt to the business-as-usual Christianity that pervades our nation.

Joseph Farah,  Editor and CEO

The Little Drop of Water Who Learned to Give Himself Away is a delightfully different book. It beautifully incorporates adventure, science, geography, and the Christian life. All ages will enjoy this intriguing and charming little book.

Beka Horton, Senior Editor, A Beka Book

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