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  Dear Pastor,

   I try as best I can to make myself available to speak in churches and to make my books available to Christians. If you received a postcard from me, then you are located within what I consider feasible driving distance. I always come to a church on a love offering basis. Because I also bring my books, I can travel to smaller churches as well. My books are very reasonably priced, and my writing and publishing is a non-profit ministry.

  I have been called of God to preach and given myself to many years of training pursuant to preparation for the ministry. As such, God has given to me the ability to bring out many of the great truths of Scripture in a way that is understandable to the average church member.

   Because of my association with the late Dr. Henry Morris and the Institute for Creation Research, I have been tremendously blessed and my faith has been greatly undergirded by an understanding of the harmony of science and Scripture. When this is combined with my cultural background and upbringing in a highly secular setting, God has often seen fit to bless my efforts to reach those who find themselves traditionally outside the reach of many of our churches. If you will read my testimony, "Racing Toward God," reproduced in its entirety on this website, you will understand what I mean. When individuals from secular or academic backgrounds are invited to a meeting, I always give the highest of priorities to offering my witness to them in a personal setting. These are divine appointments and I am always very sensitive to these people and their spiritual need. I was one of them for many years, a fact that they will clearly see and to which they will often relate.

  If you are the kind of pastor who is dedicated to presenting the reality of Jesus Christ, the power and infallibility of Scripture, and who yearns to see his people thrive in the blessings of the victorious Christian life, you will find great support and an infusion of a welcome spiritual energy through my writing and preaching ministry, as God would bless and lead us. God has surely blessed in the past, and I trust His mercy and grace to be present as we seek to glorify His Son Jesus Christ together. If you are dedicated to simply preserving the status quo in your church, then my preaching is probably not for you.

  Lastly, I always bring as a gift to the pastor all seven of my books, dedicated and signed.


Jerry Kaifetz

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