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The Bench The Bench
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day in Heaven? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Jesus there and to spend the day visiting with Him, talking with Him, and being able to ask Him anything?

   This book is the story of a young man named Jeremy who dies in car accident and is transported to heaven by two angels. Read his vivid and detailed account of his transition from life on earth, his first impression of the heavenly realm, and his return to earth.

His time with Jesus is a uniquely moving, compelling account that though fictional, remains amazingly true to Scripture throughout.

You will feel as if you have gotten a stunningly genuine glimpse of Heaven, and you will see a side of Jesus that will leave your heart aglow for a long, long time.


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Racing Toward God Racing Toward God
The Testimony of Dr. Jerry Kaifetz

  The personal testimony of Dr. Jerry Kaifetz. See how he went from the life of a professional ski racer in Europe to the pews of a small Baptist Church in Southern California through God's faithfulness to the prayer of a longing heart and the dedication of two ladies to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his front door.   [more]...

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World Class Truth World Class Truth
Bible Principles in Sports and Adventure

  Apply the passion and excitement of high-adventure sports to the victorious Christian life in this action-packed, real-life adventure story set around the world and sure to inspire, challenge and motivate young people. [more]...

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The Little Drop of Water The Little Drop of Water
Who Learned to Give Himself Away

  This is a delightful story for Children with higher levels of spiritual meaning for adults that chronicles the adventures of Willis, a little drop of water as he learns of redemption, friendship, faith, counsel, church and most importantly, self-sacrifice. [more]...

This book is now available through Abeka Books.

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Heroes of the Valley Heroes of the Valley
The Story of Joseph

  A series of three detailed biographical sketches on the lives of Joseph, Moses and Job. They are each set in a historical and culturally accurate setting and bring to life the human emotions and triumphs of three of the Bibles greatest heroes as they walk through their valley of darkness and trial into the light of faith and victory.

Price: $8.95 [set of three books]
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Clouds Without Rain Clouds Without Rain
Spiritually Ineffective Churches and How to Fix Them

  This book is dedicated to helping churches who want to be more effective in serving their intended purpose. It abounds with practical, dynamic and workable solutions to jump-start a church on the basis of a realistic assessment of their human resources. [more]...

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All Seven Books Order All Seven Books
Collection signed by the Author

  The entire collection of all Seven [7] books, signed by the author. Special pricing for the collection.

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