The Glaring Light of History on The Palestinian Conflict -
As the rhetoric, emotion and religious fervor of the current crisis in Israel continues to overflow from a rolling boil, it would seem both timely and informative to examine the purely historical record of the Palestinian conflict. A documented, historical record which is detailed and replete should not be subject to opinion or spin. Here are a few historical facts which should be safeguarded from the political intents of revisionist historians.    [read more...]
Making Sense of Monsters -
Americans everywhere are aghast at this summer’s spate of child abductions and murders. It is difficult for us as a nation rooted and steeped in moral principles to fathom the mindset of any person who has degenerated to the behavioral level we have seen in the recent abduction murders in California and Oregon. Our moral landscape has tilted and we are all walking about cocking our heads to try to restore the horizon and make sense of a world in moral chaos.    [read more...]
Diversity Our Favorite Cultural Snake Oil -
There is a lot of talk about diversity these days. The concept of diversity has been knighted in America and it has become an enormous cultural faux-pas to question it. America seems to be straining to ease its conscience concerning its racial past by elevating diversity to the level of a cultural sacrament.    [read more...]
Those We Reward -
In order to successfully undertake the task of understanding a culture, it is important to examine which individuals within that culture receive the greatest rewards. Most often, we will see the emergence of an unmistakable pattern: those that a society rewards will always have traits in common.    [read more...]
My Testimony -
I was born in a sleepy little fishing village on the banks of the Seine river. They call it Paris, France. My mother was French and my father was an American G.I. during WW II. I was born just a few years after the war.    [read more...]
How to Find God -
One hundred years from now, none of us will be here. By that time, each of us will have had their personal moment before God. What will that be like?    [read more...]